DMPM offers great new opportunities to invest in NON-NHG and NHG mortgages.

Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management (DMPM), part of the Blauwtrust Groep, launches Dutch non-NHG mortgage platform Clarian Wonen in addition to HollandWoont (NHG platform) and invites investors to invest.

Excellent news for investors who are looking to benefit from attractive risk adjusted returns in the Dutch residential mortgage market! On March 2 DMPM launched its non-NHG mortgage label Clarian Wonen. Sitting alongside its NHG platform offered through HollandWoont, investors will be able to benefit from full exposure to non-guaranteed NL mortgages. The Clarian Wonen platform targets origination of mainstream Dutch mortgages, but will also tailor to the rapidly growing number of senior consumers in The Netherlands, generally mortgages with a low LTV ratio. 

The Dutch residential mortgage market has been in overdrive for some time. Housing prices have been soaring as demand has been very much higher than supply, a situation that is expected to continue for some time, and relatively low mortgage rates have improved affordability. Furthermore, institutional investors have discovered the asset class during the past years, including foreign institutions, and they are eagerly seeking to fund and benefit from the superior risk/return characteristics. Dutch consumers and their financial advisors are eagerly looking to benefit from the low interest rates. In September 2019 DMPM already launched the HollandWoont label for mortgages that apply for NHG. Due to high property values a growing number of consumers are directed towards the non-NHG segment. This is the case with, for example, senior home owners with an LTV of 80% or even lower and a property value exceeding EUR 325.000. Through Clarian Wonen, DMPM provides investors direct and instant access to this attractive market segment, since there is no waiting list. 

Easy access for investors to NHG and non-NHG mortgages

An unique feature of the Clarian Wonen label is the strict separation from the NHG-labels of DMPM, such as HollandWoont. This way the movements within the portfolio to undesired mortgage classes is limited or at least financially compensated for. Investors are able to invest in both platforms simultaneously and can choose twelve mortgage classes/investment buckets regarding duration periods, fixed interest periods, LTV-ratios and interest-only ratio. This optionality makes both platforms an ideal asset within the Fixed Income segment, for both return seeking portfolios and investors seeking to more accurately match their liability structure. 

DMPM offers a complete portfolio across the entire mortgage spectrum

Clarian Wonen is the latest addition to DMPM’s mortgage portfolio offering. From March 2 this portfolio consists of four multi-investor platforms, including IQWoon and Robuust Hypotheken. This makes DMPM one of the largest Dutch mortgage portfolio managers. DMPM is a part of the renowned Blauwtrust Groep, together with Quion (mortgage loan servicer), Conneqt (marketing and distribution manager) and De Hypotheker (largest mortgage intermediary). In addition, DMPM acts as portfolio manager for Hypotrust Vrij Leven and Hypotrust Elan. These partnerships cover the entire value chain of product development, distribution, origination, mortgage loan servicing and portfolio management. The size of the servicing organization grants operational excellence and reporting flexibility (covering various pension fund, insurance, banking regulatory regimes and requirements). Over the past five years DMPM has evolved into one of the key players in the market for Dutch residential mortgages. The launch of Clarian Wonen will serve to further consolidate this position and confirm the broader Blauwtrust Groep’s ambition to grow strongly in the future.  

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