Capelle aan den IJssel, July 18, 2016 –As of July 19th, Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management will introduce a new mortgage mandate. DMPM is a portfolio management firm facilitating investors who seek to invest in Dutch residential mortgages. DMPM is a 100% subsidiary of Blauwtrust Groep, which also incorporates Quion, Hypotrust and De Hypotheker. 

As of July 19th, DMPM will start selling mortgages under the brand IQWOON. The IQWOON mortgages are financed by an international financial institution and distributed by Hypotrust’s organization. They will be available at 1,250 independent intermediaries in The Netherlands.

DMPM logical next step for Blauwtrust Groep

Blauwtrust Groep and her subsidiaries have been a leading player in the Dutch mortgage market for over 30 years and have developed along with the market and their customers. “The expansion of our group with DMPM on January 1, 2016 is line with the natural evolution of our business model and caters to the requirements of the market and the investors with whom we frequently consult,” says Blauwtrust Groep CEO Arjan Bons.

Rolf Belonje, DMPM Managing Director: “DMPM, as part of the Blauwtrust Groep with sister companies Quion and Hypotrust, is the only independent mortgage portfolio manager in The Netherlands able to operate the entire service chain with in-house resources. This allows us to optimize processes and offer our customers added benefits. DMPM covers the entire process of the mortgage mandate; from the legal and fiscal framework to product development, marketing, distribution and servicing. Our services also include cash and portfolio management, financial reporting and investment structuring according to the investor’s requirements with DMPM acting as a Lender of Record. In this role, we seek the ideal balance point between the investor’s interests and those of the consumer”.

Good things come in threes

DMPM caters to established domestic and international investors seeking to invest in the Dutch mortgage market. Rolf Belonje: “The Dutch mortgage market is a stable growth market. Together with the other companies in the Blauwtrust Group we offer pension funds, insurance companies and other investors a strong and secure gateway to this market and its consumers. Arjan Bons: “This not only benefits these investors but also lowers the threshold to the mortgage market for other players and stimulates competition. This benefits the consumers and – since we are an independent label – independent intermediaries. All good things come in threes, so to speak.”


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