New collaboration with strong partner

As of August 31, 2017, Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management has been appointed as portfolio manager for Elan Woninghypotheken B.V. and EDML 2017-1 B.V. With this, DMPM is once again in collaboration with a strong partner.

DMPM will also act as portfolio manager on the second securitization of Elan Woninghypotheken B.V. The EDML 2017-1 securitization is the transaction following the DCDML 2016-1 securitization. EDML 2017-1 includes a mortgage portfolio of € 255 million and has been well received on the capital markets. 

Rolf Belonje, managing director of DMPM: "We are pleased that Goldman Sachs as sole funder of Elan Woninghypotheken B.V. gives us the confidence to be the portfolio manager for Elan Woninghypotheken B.V. Blauwtrust Groep is the only party in the Netherlands that provides the full spectrum of services with respect to investing into Dutch residential mortgages. Elan Woninghypotheken B.V. was already making use of our marketing, distribution and servicing services, and now adds portfolio management services. We are convinced that we will bring the overall service to a higher level."

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