Robuust new mortgage label in Dutch mortgage market

Rotterdam, 2 October 2018. The Dutch mortgage market can boast a new mortgage label as of 3 October 2018. Robuust Hypotheken is an initiative of the Blauwtrust group. It is a product which is aimed at a broad target group and which accommodates consumers’ changing residential requirements as far as possible during its term.

“Robuust has been developed with the idea of providing a wide-ranging consumer target group with access to a sustainable, quality, superior grade mortgage product, one that will accommodate changing residential requirements as far as possible during its term. Through it we are anticipating a growing demand on the part of both consumers and consultants for a transparent, future-proof mortgage product. It is through Robuust Hypotheken that we will make a difference in this highly competitive market,” says Michel van den Akker, Conneqt's managing director. 

Accessible and comprehensive

Robuust Hypotheken has a comprehensive range of product terms and conditions, through which it offers consumers a perfect fit throughout the term of their mortgage. It is a mortgage product with features that are favourable to starters, sole traders, relocators and remortgagors. For example, this mortgage boasts the lowest interest monitored until the application is signed (the current interest rate), automatic adjustment to any of 10 risk classes and interest rate averaging, and this mortgage may be transferred to new collateral (mortgage transfer scheme). Starters with a statement of employment prospects are welcome, as are business owners. Options are also available for business owners who are only able to present annual figures for a single calendar year. A lengthy term of validity for quotations (six plus six months) applies in the case of new construction, while funding is available for remortgagors of up to 90% of the market value of existing structures based on a model valuation (Calcasa) or a declaration under the Immovable Property Valuation Act (WOZ). The mortgage is obtainable with or without a national mortgage guarantee (NHG) subject to a maximum of 106% of the market value (including energy saving facilities).


Robuust Hypotheken mortgages are distributed entirely by Conneqt Mortgage Distribution, which is also responsible for the Hypotrust and IQWOON labels in addition to Robuust Hypotheken. As of today, Robuust Hypotheken are obtainable and may be requested from a select number of consultants, mortgage chains and service providers who have entered into a collaboration agreement with Conneqt.

About Robuust Hypotheken

Robuust Hypotheken is a sustainable mortgage provider in the Dutch mortgage market. The Blauwtrust group (Quion, De Hypotheker, DMPM and Conneqt Mortgage Distribution) has launched this initiative. In its capacity as the portfolio manager, DMPM is responsible for managing and administering Robuust Hypotheken. Aegon is responsible for financing the mortgage mandate, thereby guaranteeing sustainable funding.

Information and illustrations

All of the information concerning this product may be consulted at

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